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We have the UK’s largest collection of trees and seeds from each of the three families of redwood trees.

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Welcome to Redwood Trees, where nature’s giants await. Discover the majesty of the Sequoia sempervirens, Sequoiadendron giganteum, and Metasequoia glyptostroboides – all in one place. Our business offers a diverse selection of these iconic redwood trees, catering to tree enthusiasts, landscapers, and nature lovers alike. Whether you seek the elegant height of the coastal redwood, the resilient grandeur of the giant sequoia, or the distinct charm of the dawn redwood, we have the perfect tree to transform your outdoor space.

Coast Redwoods, Giant Redwoods & Dawn Redwoods

Came very quickly after ordering and most important for a plant it came in beautiful condition and it was a beautiful plant. Much better than I expected.

– Dawn Redwood Buyer

Coast Redwoods, Giant Redwoods & Dawn Redwoods

Excellent quality, well packaged and arrived with no damage to plant. quality of the tree was very good indeed would highly recommend

– Coast Redwood Buyer

Redwood Trees Nursery

Based in Euxton, Lancashire, through dedication and research we have developed
a speciality for germination and growing of Redwood trees.
We have young saplings, year old saplings through to much larger and older specimens for sale.
Trees and seeds are available all year round for delivery and collection from our nursery.

Lovely healthy small tree, packed safely and dispatched quickly. Very pleased.

– Giant Redwood Buyer