Hyperion – New Record

Until August 2006, it was believed that the tallest tree in the world was The Stratosphere Giant, a Californian redwood measuring 112.5 meters. As of today, the tallest tree in the world is Hyperion, a gigantic coast redwood tree Sequoia sempervirens.

Hyperion was discovered by naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor at the end of August 2006 in a remote part of the Redwood National Park in California, USA. After using professional laser measuring equipment, they were sure that they had found a tree higher than The Stratosphere Giant.

The new tallest tree in the world is still relatively young and actively growing. It is estimated that it is around 600 years old, which is around 20 human years. A typical redwood lives for 500 to 700 years, although some have been documented at more than 2,000 years old.

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