BioJute Mulch Mat & Shelter Kit

From: £5.00

A complete plastic free, 100% bio degradable mulch mat and tree shelter kit.

  • Mulch mat
  • Anchoring pegs
  • Tree shelter
  • Stake

The BioJute mulch mat material is 100% bio degradable and manufactured from 100% natural fibres. A truly sustainable solution for weed control around newly planted trees and shrubs.

  • 500mm x 500mm
  • 100% biodegradable – No plastic!
  • Slit to the centre for easy installation.
  • Helps to suppress weed growth around the root area.
  • Permeable; allows air, nutrients and water to pass through.
  • Reduces moisture loss
  • Environmentally friendly

As a component of our Bio series, these anchoring pegs are sustainably obtained from bamboo, simple to set up, and fully biodegradable.

  • A sharp tip to penetrate the mat.
  • A top ‘nodule’ to grip the mat (Don’t hammer them all the way through the mat).
  • 5 pegs per 500mm x 500mm mulch mat.

The Terra Bio Shelter represents the future of eco-friendly tree protection, crafted from natural wood by-products and plant resins sourced from the UK.

  • 100% natural materials – plastic free.
  • Non toxic
  • Certified to biodegrade in soil by TUV, according to strict ISO standards.
  • Safe in marine and freshwater environments – ideal for riparian restoration work.
  • High quality and fit for purpose
  • No end of life costs for removal or recycling

Using a tree shelter offers many advantages that can significantly contribute to the successful growth and development of your tree.

Protection from Animals
Tree shelters act as a physical barrier that can deter animals like deer, rabbits, and rodents from gnawing on the tree’s bark or eating its leaves, thereby preventing damage that could stunt growth or even kill the tree.

Wind and Weather Shield
The shelter serves as a windbreak, reducing the drying effects of wind on the soil and the tree itself. It can also offer some protection against extreme weather conditions like frost or heavy rain.

Enhanced Growth
Many tree shelters create a mini-greenhouse effect, trapping moisture and warmth. This can accelerate the growth rate of the tree, especially in its early stages.

Weed Competition
When used with our mulch mats, tree shelters can make it easier to manage weeds around the base of the tree. By reducing weed competition, the tree has better access to water and nutrients in the soil.

Mechanical Damage
The shelter can protect the young tree from accidental damage due to lawnmowers or other gardening activities.

Easier Maintenance
With a tree shelter in place, it’s easier to spot the tree, reducing the risk of accidental damage. It also makes tasks like applying fertilizers or pesticides more straightforward, as you have a clear target area.

Improved Survival Rates
Overall, the use of tree shelters has been shown to improve the survival rates of newly planted trees, making your planting efforts more successful in the long run.

Using a mulch mat when planting a tree offers several advantages that can contribute to the tree’s health and growth.

Weed Control
A mulch mat acts as a barrier that prevents weeds from growing around the base of the tree. Weeds can compete with the tree for nutrients and water, so keeping them at bay is beneficial for the tree’s growth.

Moisture Retention
Mulch mats help to retain soil moisture by reducing the rate of evaporation. This is particularly useful during dry periods or in areas where water conservation is a concern.

Temperature Regulation
The mat can also help regulate soil temperature, keeping it more consistent. This is beneficial for the tree’s root system, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Erosion Prevention
Mulch mats can help prevent soil erosion around the base of the tree, especially on sloped land or in areas prone to heavy rain or wind.

Organic Decomposition
If the mulch mat is made from organic materials, it will gradually decompose, adding valuable nutrients to the soil and improving its structure.

Aesthetic Appeal
Mulch mats can also improve the aesthetic appearance of the planted area, providing a clean and tidy look.

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