Our deep cell trays are a smart strategy for cultivating trees with strong and deep root systems. This leads to healthier and more resilient trees that are better prepared for transplantation and long-term growth in your garden.

1. Extended Planting Season

Cell grown trees offer a significantly broader planting window, allowing for planting almost year-round in certain conditions. This flexibility ensures easier scheduling and enhances tree establishment due to warmer soil and more favourable weather conditions, extending beyond the traditional planting season.

2. Robust Root System

The roots of cell grown trees are encased and safeguarded within compost, preventing the young fibrous roots from drying out or sustaining damage. This intact root system, with its uniform and manageable shape, facilitates straightforward planting.

3. Convenient Storage

These trees can be effortlessly stored outdoors before planting, eliminating the need for labour-intensive temporary planting (heeling in) or costly refrigerated storage.

4. Ease of Handling and Planting

The extended shelf life of cell grown trees means there’s no immediate urgency to plant. Their user-friendly root system increases the likelihood of successful planting. These characteristics make them ideal for planting by novices or volunteers.

5. High Survival Rate

The intact root system of cell grown trees significantly boosts their chances of successful establishment, virtually removing the need for expensive replanting (beating up).

6. Cost-Effectiveness

While the initial purchase price of cell grown trees may be slightly higher than bare-root stock for some species, the long-term savings achieved by reducing the need for replacing failed transplants than compensates for the initial minor cost difference.

7. No plastic waste

Trees are often supplied plastic pots that are difficult to recycle, especially the black pots. We rely on our customers to reuse these where possible, however these cell grown trees do not have plastic pots – saving any reuse & recycling concerns.