400-Acres of Redwoods Near Guerneville Being Bought by Save the Redwoods League

Save the Redwoods League is in the process of acquiring approximately 400 acres of redwood forest situated above the Russian River near Guerneville. This significant purchase encompasses a mile of river frontage and notably features the cherished 2,000-year-old Clar Tree, the tallest tree in Sonoma County. Notably, the forest may be partially opened for recreational activities such as cycling, hiking, and boat-in camping.

The purchase comes at a crucial time as 224 acres of the land had been earmarked for logging under a contentious logging plan. By acquiring this land, Save the Redwoods League aims to protect these ancient redwood trees and the natural environment they encompass.

While the sale is not yet finalized, the organization is determined to raise the required funds of $6.5 million by September 30th. Despite the financial challenge, leaders of Save the Redwoods League express confidence in their ability to secure the necessary funds, as they recognize the importance of preserving this pristine redwood forest for generations to come.

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