Redwood Seeds For Sale

Imagine cultivating the world’s tallest trees from scratch. With our Redwood tree seeds, this dream becomes attainable. These seeds, sourced from around the world, promise a high germination rate and robust growth. Planting Redwood seeds is not just gardening; it’s an adventure. It allows you to witness the awe-inspiring transformation from a tiny seed to a monumental tree. Perfect for British climates, these seeds are the start of a legacy that can span centuries. Our collection offers the finest seeds for enthusiasts and conservationists alike, ensuring your saplings grow into the majestic Redwoods synonymous with resilience and beauty. Whether you’re looking to create a natural haven or contribute to biodiversity, our Redwood tree seeds are the first step towards an extraordinary journey of growth and discovery.

We have seeds available for all three redwood subfamilies. Including Sequoia from coastal California and Oregon, Sequoiadendron (Wellingtonia) from California’s Sierra Nevada, and Metasequoia in China.
The redwood species contains the largest and tallest trees in the world. These trees can live for thousands of years.
Only two of the genera, Sequoia and Sequoiadendron, are known for massive trees. Trees of Metasequoia, from the single living species Metasequoia glyptostroboides, are much smaller.

Germination instructions for Dawn Redwood, Giant Redwood and Coast Redwood