About Redwood Trees Nursery

We have a unique collection of trees and seeds
from each of the three Redwood families

Redwood Trees is a trading name of Yarrow Gardens.

Based in Euxton, Lancashire, through dedication and research we have developed
a speciality for germination and growing of Redwood trees.
We have young saplings, year old saplings through to much larger and older specimens for sale.
Trees are seeds are available all year round for delivery and collection from our nursery.

We don’t just grow trees, we do a lot of research, experiments and selection of interesting seedling and grafts, like a variegated Dawn Redwoods or compact Giant Redwoods.

We are based in West Lancashire in the higher part of Euxton at an altitude of 30m.

The weather is fair most of the year round. Being higher up, we are a little more exposed to the wind than the rest of Euxton, however we have some carefully placed wind breaks and even a 30 year old Pine forest that protects us. The general wind helps the plants develop tough strong growth ready for their new lives with you.

We grow most of our Redwoods from seeds or cuttings. The same seeds we sell here on our website.

Most of our stock starts out in our warm glass house, or even earlier on in our custom grow room.

Seeds and cuttings start off in small cell trays and are gradually potted up as they grow. This minimises root disturbance for their entire life with us.

After a year or so the plants will spend summers outside and winters they are protected in an unheated, open poly tunnel. After about two to three years they will spend their entire lives outside, hardening them off ready for purchase and their new lives with you.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood

We’re busy all year round. From January when we are stratifying seeds, through March & April we are pricking out seedlings. Come May, after the last frosts we are moving saplings outside for the late Spring and Summer. During the summer months, trees are growing fast, we are potting them up. Seedlings are growing just as fast too. Autumn we are prepping for the cooler months, young trees are coming back inside for Winter. Growing continues in our specialist grow room. Winter brings pruning and maintenance tasks as well as planning for the next year.

We adhere to industry leading biosecurity measures, this ensures that our nursery remains clean and disease free.

We are DEFRA registered and our nursery is regularly inspected to confirm compliance with all current plant and plant health regulations.

Our Plant Passport Registration Number is GB140010

You can view our Plant Healthy report here.

The majority of our trees are UK grown. We do not import any trees from abroad. (Certain Redwood seeds come from their native provenances).

We are actively working towards the Grown in Britain certification along with the Plant Healthy certification.

Should you have any concern or question in respect of our plant health matters, please get in touch.