Giant redwoods: World’s largest trees ‘thriving in UK’

Giant redwoods, the world’s largest trees, are thriving in the UK, outnumbering those in their native California. Introduced to the UK around 160 years ago, they are growing at a similar rate to those in the US.

With an estimated 500,000 trees in the UK compared to 80,000 in California, they are still not as tall as their American counterparts, reaching a maximum of 54.87m compared to 90m in California. However, this is because the UK trees are still relatively young, as giant redwoods can live for over 2,000 years, suggesting they have plenty of time to catch up in height.

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With a deep-rooted passion for nature and a decade-long journey nurturing redwood trees, Dave stands as a dedicated steward of these majestic giants. Over the past ten years, Dave has meticulously cultivated redwood trees, witnessing their growth from mere saplings to towering sentinels of the natural world. As a UK-based enthusiast, Dave has developed a profound understanding of the intricacies of redwood tree care, adaptation to local climates, and their unique appeal in British landscapes. Through Dave's expert insights and hands-on experience, readers are invited to explore the enchanting world of redwood trees and discover the wonders that these living monuments bring to our surroundings.