Historic tree removed from Banbury hospital’s entrance for “safety reasons”

A huge historic redwood tree has been removed from outside the entrance to Banbury’s Horton Hospital due to safety reasons.

The tree was believed to have been around 100 years old but was removed yesterday (25th January 2023) because it was at the end of its life and posed a potential threat to safety.

A spokesperson for the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “The Trust consulted with the Cherwell District Council tree officer as their arborists had advised that this tree was at the end of its life.

As a result, it was agreed that removing the tree was the safest thing to do. Staff and patients will miss the tree which has been part of the landscape for a long time, but all trees have a finite life.

“The Trust ensures that, for every tree that has to be removed, another is planted on Trust land – sometimes in different places.”

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Dave Green

With a deep-rooted passion for nature and a decade-long journey nurturing redwood trees, Dave stands as a dedicated steward of these majestic giants. Over the past ten years, Dave has meticulously cultivated redwood trees, witnessing their growth from mere saplings to towering sentinels of the natural world. As a UK-based enthusiast, Dave has developed a profound understanding of the intricacies of redwood tree care, adaptation to local climates, and their unique appeal in British landscapes. Through Dave's expert insights and hands-on experience, readers are invited to explore the enchanting world of redwood trees and discover the wonders that these living monuments bring to our surroundings.