Plans to fell of Giant Redwood trees in Chichester sparks controversy

Plans to fell two Giant Redwood trees on a Chichester street has sparked controversy amongst local residents, both in favour of felling and keeping the trees. Read the full article at Sussex World →

More information is available on Chichester Council’s Planning Portal →

I object to this application to destroy part of the living street scene on such flimsy
evidence. The applicant should explore all feasible remediation measures once any evidence of
damage is available before this can be considered even vaugely acceptable.

Member of the public

It appears the trees would have been growing there before the Bungalow was built and
although one can sympathize with the owner’s concern, they must have been aware of the
consequences of having a building in such close proximity. I suggest that any mitigation measures
taken must be in protection of the trees.

Member of the public

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With a deep-rooted passion for nature and a decade-long journey nurturing redwood trees, Dave stands as a dedicated steward of these majestic giants. Over the past ten years, Dave has meticulously cultivated redwood trees, witnessing their growth from mere saplings to towering sentinels of the natural world. As a UK-based enthusiast, Dave has developed a profound understanding of the intricacies of redwood tree care, adaptation to local climates, and their unique appeal in British landscapes. Through Dave's expert insights and hands-on experience, readers are invited to explore the enchanting world of redwood trees and discover the wonders that these living monuments bring to our surroundings.