Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Sheridan Spire’

Dawn Redwood

Among the various narrowly columnar selections of the Dawn Redwood, ‘Sheridan Spire’ stands out for its exceptionally slender form. According to Auders & Spicer (2012), this cultivar can attain a height of 3 meters within a ten-year period while maintaining a canopy spread of less than 1 meter.

The origins of ‘Sheridan Spire’ can be traced back to 1960 when it was discovered as a distinct individual among a row of Dawn Redwood cuttings at the Sheridan Nursery in Canada. This chance discovery highlights the potential for naturally occurring mutations or variations to give rise to unique cultivars with desirable characteristics.

The remarkably narrow growth habit of ‘Sheridan Spire’ sets it apart from other columnar forms, making it an attractive choice for gardeners and landscapers with limited space or those seeking to create striking vertical accents in their plantings. Its ability to gain substantial height while maintaining a minimal canopy spread allows for its incorporation into a wide range of garden designs without occupying a significant footprint.

Despite its slender form, ‘Sheridan Spire’ retains the distinctive deciduous foliage and overall appearance of the Dawn Redwood species, ensuring a familiar aesthetic while offering a unique growth habit. This cultivar exemplifies the diversity that can be achieved through selective propagation and highlights the ongoing efforts to identify and preserve notable variations within plant species.