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Sequoia sempervirens ‘Emily Brown’

Coast Redwood

‘Emily Brown’ is a cultivar name of Sequoia sempervirens that was recorded by the Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation in California in 1988. The plant material was received from an individual named Emily Brown, and it appears that the cultivar name was assigned primarily to denote its origin rather than to describe any specific distinguishing characteristics.

According to Auders & Spicer (2012), there is little information provided to differentiate ‘Emily Brown’ from the typical form of the species. This lack of distinct features suggests that ‘Emily Brown’ may not have been selected or named based on any notable morphological or horticultural traits.

The practice of naming cultivars based on their origin or the person who discovered or donated the plant material is not uncommon in horticulture. However, such names do not always provide insight into the unique qualities or performance of the plant, which can lead to confusion or disappointment among gardeners and collectors seeking distinctive forms of the species.