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Sequoia sempervirens ‘Martin’

Coast Redwood

Synonyms / alternative names
Sequoia sempervirens ‘Illa Martin’

‘Martin’ is a cultivar of Sequoia sempervirens that was listed by Cees van Ostaayen, a nurseryman from Belgium, in 2009. This selection is noted for its distinct cold hardiness and seasonal foliage color changes.

One of the key characteristics of ‘Martin’ is its enhanced cold hardiness compared to the typical form of the species. Coast redwoods are generally considered to be relatively cold-tolerant, but some forms may be more susceptible to damage in extreme winter conditions. The improved cold hardiness of ‘Martin’ suggests that it may be better suited for growing in regions with colder climates or more severe winter temperatures.

Another notable feature of ‘Martin’ is its foliage color, which undergoes a seasonal transformation. During the summer months, the leaves display a bluish hue, providing a cool and refreshing appearance. As the seasons progress into winter, the foliage gradually shifts to a greener color. This color change adds visual interest and dynamism to the tree, showcasing the natural adaptation of the coast redwood to changing environmental conditions.

The combination of cold hardiness and seasonal foliage color makes ‘Martin’ an attractive choice for gardeners and landscapers in regions where winter conditions can be challenging for some forms of Sequoia sempervirens. The bluish summer foliage can provide a striking contrast against other green landscape plants, while the transition to a greener color in winter may help the tree blend in with its surroundings.