Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Barabitz Requiem’

Giant Redwood

This selection, developed by Barabits in Hungary before 1965, was grown from seed. It features an upright leader with spreading to downswept branches and pendulous branchlets. The foliage is slightly glaucous and turns bronze in winter, particularly in continental climates. Compared to ‘Pendulum,’ this cultivar has a wider spreading habit, reaching approximately 4 m in height and 1 m in width after ten years, ultimately growing to around 10 m tall and 2 m wide (Dendrologie Online 2024; Auders & Spicer 2012). A specimen at the Bluebell Nursery and Arboretum in Derbyshire, UK, had attained a height of 9 m and a diameter at breast height (dbh) of 20 cm by 2017 (Tree Register 2024).