Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Greenpeace’

Giant Redwood

‘Greenpeace’ is a cultivar that was developed in the Netherlands before 1993 (Dendrologie Online 2006; Auders & Spicer 2012). In their comprehensive work, the RHS Encyclopaedia of Conifers, Auders & Spicer describe this cultivar as having ‘grass-green’ foliage that maintains its color throughout the winter, unlike many other cultivars that develop a bronzy hue during colder months. ‘Greenpeace’ is known for its fast growth in youth, capable of reaching a height of 4.5 m within ten years. However, despite this initial rapid growth, mature trees are expected to attain only about half the height of the typical species. This more modest ultimate size makes ‘Greenpeace’ a suitable choice for landscapes where a smaller, more manageable giant sequoia is desired, while still maintaining the species’ iconic appearance and vibrant, consistent green foliage.