Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Hazel Smith’

Giant Redwood

Hazel Smith’ is a cultivar that displays a neat, uniform, and vigorous growth habit, with the potential for very rapid growth. Auders & Spicer (2012) suggest that this cultivar can reach a height of 5 m and a width of 3.5 m within ten years. However, a specimen accessioned in 1999 and planted in the Heather Garden, part of the Valley Gardens in Windsor Great Park, UK, had already attained an impressive height of 21.3 m and a diameter at breast height (dbh) of 70 cm by 2021 (Tree Register 2024), demonstrating its exceptional growth potential.

Although ‘Hazel Smith’ is often noted for its grey-blue foliage, it is not considered to have as striking a blue colour as the ‘Glaucum’ cultivar. In fact, ‘Hazel Smith’ was primarily selected for its remarkable cold-hardiness rather than its foliage colour. The original seedlings were raised from seed collected by Don and Hazel Smith of Watnong Nursery, New Jersey, USA, from “the northwest of Sequoiadendron‘s range” (Auders & Spicer 2012). This selection process aimed to identify and propagate individuals with superior tolerance to cold conditions, making ‘Hazel Smith’ a valuable cultivar for regions with harsher winters where the typical species might struggle.