Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Luzzi’

Giant Redwood

‘Luzzi’ is a Sequoiadendron cultivar that was listed in Europe in 2001. According to Auders & Spicer (2012), it is described as “A vigorous, dense, pyramidal plant with bright green foliage.”

The description of ‘Luzzi’ indicates that it possesses a strong, upright growth habit, forming a tightly packed, conical shape. The foliage is noted for its bright green colour, which suggests a healthy and vibrant appearance, especially during periods of active growth.

As a vigorous grower, ‘Luzzi’ is expected to develop into a sizable tree within a relatively short time frame, although the exact growth rate and mature dimensions are not specified in the available description. The dense, pyramidal structure is reminiscent of the natural growth habit of the species, making ‘Luzzi’ a representative example of the iconic Sequoiadendron form.