Redwood Database

An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pete’s Fastigiate’

Giant Redwood

‘Pete’s Fastigiate’ is a distinctive cultivar of Sequoiadendron giganteum that was discovered by a Belgian nurseryman in Brabant, either during or before 2008 (Auders & Spicer 2012). The cultivar is named after the nurseryman who found it, highlighting the important role that individual horticulturists and nurseries play in selecting and introducing new forms of this iconic species.

The most striking feature of ‘Pete’s Fastigiate’ is its narrow, columnar growth habit, characterized by sharply ascending branches. This fastigiate form sets it apart from the more typical pyramidal or conical shape of the species, making it a valuable addition to the range of available Sequoiadendron cultivars.The narrow, upright growth habit of ‘Pete’s Fastigiate’ makes it an excellent choice for gardens and landscapes where space is limited, or where a strong vertical accent is desired. Its compact form also lends itself well to use in formal gardens, as a specimen tree, or even in large containers.