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An index of all Redwood cultivars both in and out of commercial production.

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Powder Blue’

Giant Redwood

Synonyms / alternative names
Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Powdered Blue’

‘Powder Blue’ is a remarkable Sequoiadendron cultivar raised by Peacedale Nursery in Snohomish, Washington, USA, before 1999. The most striking feature of this cultivar is its “massively vigorous” growth habit, resulting in a large, pyramidal tree with an open canopy structure (Auders & Spicer 2012).

The foliage of ‘Powder Blue’ is a distinctive, soft blue colour, which gives the tree a striking and ethereal appearance. This powdery blue hue sets it apart from the typical green foliage of the species and adds a unique ornamental value to the landscape.

Another notable characteristic of ‘Powder Blue’ is the size of its seed cones, which are consistently at the larger end of the scale for Sequoiadendron. This trait further enhances the impressive and robust character of the cultivar, showcasing the species’ potential for producing sizeable and visually striking cones.

The vigorous growth habit and open canopy structure of ‘Powder Blue’ make it an excellent choice for larger landscapes, parks, or as a specimen tree in spacious gardens. Its rapid growth rate and substantial size may not be suitable for smaller urban gardens or areas with limited space.

The introduction of ‘Powder Blue’ by Peacedale Nursery in the late 1990s reflects the ongoing efforts of horticulturists and plant enthusiasts to select and propagate unique forms of Sequoiadendron that offer distinct ornamental qualities. The powdery blue foliage and large seed cones of this cultivar add to the diversity of available selections and provide a striking alternative to the typical appearance of the species.