Third 2020 batch of Coast Redwoods

Batch #SS1644

Redwood Seedlings

Sequoia sempervirens can be very erratic to germinate. Occasionally we’ve had to re-stratify for four weeks again. However our latest batch of USA provenance seed, from the Pacific Coast, California has shown excellent germination rates – well over the 36% rate we usually expect.

These seeds are available to purchase in our stop.

We’ll be potting these out into their own P9 sized pots in a few weeks as soon as the first set of true leaves emerge.

We’ll be keeping them warm in our dedicated grow room over Winter and they should be well established ready for Spring.

Top tip → They like a coating of perlite or vermiculite – we find this helps keep the seeds moist. Coastal redwoods don’t mind being too wet during germination.

A clear lid also helps keep the humidity in.

About the author

Dave Green

With a deep-rooted passion for nature and a decade-long journey nurturing redwood trees, Dave stands as a dedicated steward of these majestic giants. Over the past ten years, Dave has meticulously cultivated redwood trees, witnessing their growth from mere saplings to towering sentinels of the natural world. As a UK-based enthusiast, Dave has developed a profound understanding of the intricacies of redwood tree care, adaptation to local climates, and their unique appeal in British landscapes. Through Dave's expert insights and hands-on experience, readers are invited to explore the enchanting world of redwood trees and discover the wonders that these living monuments bring to our surroundings.