Coast Redwood Tree 250cm 15L

Sequoia sempervirens


Introducing Sequoia sempervirens, a towering testament to the beauty and strength of nature. This monumental tree, famous for being one of the tallest living species, offers a striking aesthetic with its reddish bark and lush green foliage. Yet, it’s more than just a visual marvel. As a fast-growing, low-maintenance tree with exceptional CO2 absorption, Sequoia sempervirens also contributes to a healthier planet. Grow and own a piece of natural history with this iconic redwood species.

California where the climate is generally mild and humid. However, they can tolerate a variety of conditions across the UK. Mature trees are relatively hardy and can withstand the UK’s typical winter temperatures, but they might struggle in regions that experience particularly harsh or prolonged periods of freezing weather. Moreover, they do prefer a higher level of rainfall, similar to their native habitat, so dryer areas may not be as suitable. Young trees are sensitive to frost, however after a few years they are hardy across most of the UK (-20C to -15C).

Ideally grown as a specimen tree in a large garden or kept in the confines of a large pot.

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RHS Award of Garden MeritGrown in Britain

Sequoia sempervirens, also known as the coast redwood or Californian redwood, is a stunning and majestic evergreen conifer. Renowned for its remarkable height, it stands among the tallest trees on the planet. With its elegant, needle-like foliage and distinctive reddish-brown bark, it possesses an undeniable allure. Flourishing in moist, coastal climates, the coast redwood is a perfect addition to gardens and parks. Its awe-inspiring presence and rich history make it a captivating focal point, connecting us to nature’s magnificence and evoking a sense of serenity. Embrace the beauty of Sequoia sempervirens and witness the wonder of these ancient giants gracing your landscape.

As a living testament to ancient history, Sequoia sempervirens invites you to connect with nature in its most magnificent form, creating a lasting impression in any landscape.

Sequoia sempervirens, the majestic Coast Redwood, is now listed as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List, highlighting the urgent need for conservation measures. These awe-inspiring giants, once widespread along the western coast of North America, face significant threats from human activities, climate change, wildfires, and diseases. Habitat loss due to logging and land use changes has severely impacted their populations. As one of the tallest and oldest tree species on Earth, the preservation of Coast Redwoods is crucial not only for their ecological significance but also for maintaining the biodiversity and resilience of their unique forest ecosystems.

Efforts to protect and restore their habitats are essential to ensure the survival of this iconic species for future generations.

Sequoia sempervirens – Coast Redwood, holds several remarkable records:

  1. Tallest Tree: Coast Redwoods are renowned for being the tallest trees on Earth. The current record-holder for the tallest living tree is “Hyperion,” standing at an astonishing height of approximately 379 feet (116 meters). However, new discoveries may lead to the identification of even taller specimens.
  2. Largest Living Organism: The Coast Redwood forests form one of the largest living organisms on the planet due to their interconnected root systems, known as “clones.” These clones cover extensive areas and consist of genetically identical trees sharing a common root system.
  3. Oldest Tree: While not the oldest species, some individual Coast Redwoods have lived for over 2,200 years, making them some of the longest-living trees on Earth.
  4. Largest Groves: The Coast Redwood forests in California, particularly in areas like Redwood National and State Parks, host some of the most extensive and iconic groves of these majestic trees, creating awe-inspiring landscapes.
  5. Fastest Growth Rate: Coast Redwoods exhibit impressive growth rates, with young trees adding significant height each year. This rapid growth contributes to their towering stature.
  6. Carbon Sequestration: Due to their massive size and long lifespan, Coast Redwoods are effective carbon sinks, sequestering substantial amounts of carbon dioxide, making them valuable assets in combating climate change.
  7.  Sequoia sempervirens has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.


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