Coast Redwood ‘Cantab’ 80/100cm

Sequoia sempervirens


The ‘Cantab’ Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens ‘Cantab’, presents a stunning addition to any landscape with its graceful form and vibrant foliage.

Discovered as witches broom off of Coast Redwood at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, this cultivar embodies the magnificence of the iconic Coast Redwood. ‘Cantab’ showcases short, & wide rich green needles that adorn its branches, creating a lush and verdant canopy that offers shade and serenity. With its rapid growth rate and pyramidal habit, it serves as a striking focal point in gardens, parks, or estates, adding vertical interest and natural beauty.

This dwarf conifer has all the traits of the Coast Redwood as found in California other than for the size. This variant only grows to 4’ in height but can spread to 8’.

The leaves are very similar to Coast Redwood ‘Prostrata’.

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These trees thrive in moist, damp, foggy environments and do well on the coast. Young trees are sensitive to frost, however after a few years they are hardy across most of the UK although easily damaged by frost.

Originally from the West coast of the USA, the Coast Redwood is in popular cultivation across the UK and Europe. As if being the tallest and oldest tree on the plant, the Coast Redwood has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.


Native: Pacific coast California.

UK Native: No – UK Grown

Soil conditions: Requires deep soils but will grow on deep soils over chalk.

Planting instructions: Prefers moist, damp, foggy atmospheres.

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