Coast Redwood ‘Prostrata’

Sequoia sempervirens


Coast Redwood ‘Prostrata’ (Sequoia sempervirens ‘Prostrata’) is a unique and captivating cultivar of the majestic Coast Redwood.

Unlike its towering parent species, ‘Prostrata’ has a unique prostrate or creeping growth habit, creating a rather unique ground-hugging appearance. Its branches spread low and wide, showcasing rich green, needle-like foliage that exudes elegance. This cultivar is particularly favoured for its versatility, serving as an excellent choice for cascading over walls, spilling over rock gardens, or adding a distinctive touch to large containers.

Coast Redwood ‘Prostrata’ offers a stunning blend of beauty and adaptability, making it a sought-after addition to landscapes and gardens alike.

Very similar leaves to Coast Redwood ‘Cantab’ which is an upright cultivar sharing the same leaf style.

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A unique dwarf cultivar that has a low, spreading habit – definitely won’t be a tall tree like it’s cousins. Ideal for rock gardens.

Native: Pacific coast California.

UK Native: No – UK Grown

Soil conditions: Requires deep soils but will grow on deep soils over chalk.

Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

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